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If you are looking for the best dry wood for sale and delivery in Bothasig then Firewood Bothasig has it all for you! It’s as easy as giving the team a call or filling in an online form to get a quote to get your braai and pizza oven going, or to snuggle up to a fireplace with lovely glass of wine, and with winter on its way its best that you make sure you have the perfect dry wood for every occasion. There is nothing worse than looking forward to flames dancing in the fireplace or coals that are just right for your braai or pizza oven only to fail, which is exactly what happens when you rush out and buy your wood only once the Cape rains have started!


Before we go any further with our offering of the best dry braai wood for sale and delivery in Bothasig (Western Cape), let’s take a look at some of the more popular woods to stock up on before the winter arrives in full force, as well as checking out why dry wood is king!


Planning ahead with Firewood in Bothasig means you will not end up with wet wood that will make any fire, whether braai, pizza oven or fireplace smoke you out while you wait for it to reach the right temperature, putting a damper on any occasion for having a fire. If the wood is for a braai or pizza oven, your guests will definitely not be impressed by going hungry for a lot longer than planned and you can count on more than a few eyebrows raised!


Dry wood is definitely going to burn a lot easier and you will get your fire going with a lot less hard work, without getting smoked out, which is exactly the type of dry wood you can expect from Firewood Bothasig! We suggest that you use a general rule of thumb where it comes to deciding on how much wood you need delivered in Bothasig, for instance, if you would like to make two braai’s that will produce enough juicy meat for between two and four people, you should be looking at about 10kg’s of dry wood, whereas a 20kg bag is going to go a long way to making four braai’s for the same amount of people for about four different braai’s, but buy bulk anyway to save time and money!


Starting out with Blue Gum braai wood, otherwise known to us as Bloekom vuurmaak hout, is not endemic to South Africa and is considered an alien. Nonetheless, it has found a home here and become one of the favourites for fireplaces and braai’s. Blue Gum wood may not burn as long as some of the other woods, but it lasts longer and burns really hot!


As an alien and invasive plant, Black Wattle, which is fantastic wood for fireplaces, potjies and pizza ovens, this is eco friendly firewood which is encouraged to grow specifically to be cut and used as firewood. Long lasting and easy to light, the Black Wattle wood lasts very long and is perfect for lovely warm fires in our homes, using the thicker pieces for longer lasting and hotter fires and the thin pieces for things like bonfires in the great South African outdoors.


Rooikrans is one of our most popular hardwoods for braai’s in Bothasig, but do yourself a great favour, don’t stop at the corner shop or the guy at his bakkie selling Rooikrans, it happens too quickly for you to make sure that it really is dry!


If you are looking for a wood from trees that generally grow in desert and arid regions, then Sekelbos wood, otherwise known as Sickle wood, will be the most perfectly sun-baked wood you can find for braai’s and potjies! Sekelbos wood also enhances the flavours of braai meat because of the natural oils unique to this yellow coloured wood with bark. Sekelbos is definitely the next level in wood after Rooikrans if you are looking for serious heat and extremely hot coals very quickly!

Kameeldoring or Camel Thorns musky fragrance does not smoke you out and generates a large amount of very hot coals because it does not waste energy burning off moisture, Kameeldooring has the lowest moisture content of any of our well loved braai woods. Baked in the African sun, Kameeldoring has a moisture content of between 0 – 1%, while unnaturally dried wood ranges between 20 – 30%! Kameeldoring is very dry and heavy, making it slow to burn, but once it takes you are looking at a fire that burns at high temperatures!


No one reacts well to fires going out on them, whether it’s the braai-master or the braai-queen, after all, we have been impressing others with our fire-making skills ever since we first discovered fire, which is a really good reason to buy your wood in bulk to stock up for the winter, saving yourself a lot of time, money and fails around the fire!


Whether you need fire logs (braai hout) for our national pastime of braaing, wood to make the most of your pizza oven or the perfect wood for snuggling up for a night of movies and wine around the fireplace in your home, Firewood Bothasig has the best of it all! The Cape winter is just around the corner, making this the perfect time to stock up on wood to make sure that your fires burn perfectly for the braai, the best potjie and pizza or for the warmest fireplace.


As the evenings start getting colder and you get the whiff of neighbourhood fires, you are not going to be happy if it is taking you weeks to get yours going without getting smoked out of your home or around the braai; make it easy on yourself, order the best dry wood for sale in Bothasig delivered to your doorstep at home or at work by the team at Firewood in Bothasig!

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